Unilock - Customizable Outdoor Living Simplified With Unilock


Whether you’re a custom or production builder, you know that today’s buyers place almost equal importance on their outdoor living space as their interior rooms. Yet not every builder has the time or resources to design and install the hardscape needed for outdoor kitchens, dining and living areas. One solution is Unilock’s U-Cara system.

“An evolution of the U-Cara wall system, is our modular system, offering a new way of thinking about how to build exterior walls and vertical elements,” says Elaine Willis, Director of Commercial Strategy for Unilock. “The panels used to create outdoor kitchens, grills, fire and water features, can integrate with foundations as well as retaining and garden walls. The variety of colors and textures of the fascia panels coordinate with the paver elements, making it simple to create unique customized outdoor living spaces.”

For Albert and Christina Cummings, fourth generation homebuilders and owners of the House that Blues Built in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, outdoor living will expand the space they plan to use for entertaining friends and family and relaxing when Albert takes a break from his career as a touring musician.

“Extending the panel system from the foundation to the retaining walls and to our outdoor fireplace and grill makes for a cohesive design for our backyard," says Cummings. "The outdoor entertaining space will be ready as soon as the house is complete.”

The simplified installation process for the modular pavers minimizes the need for a specialized mason and reduces the time required to create a custom outdoor living space.

“The U-Cara system is labor saving and time saving, which also reduces overall cost,” says Willis. “You can build an outdoor fireplace or grill station in a day or less.”


Unilock’s products can be used in place of costly and time-consuming custom outdoor living options with greater efficiency, which also provides better profit margins for builders, says Willis.

“The variety of textures and colors available in the Unilock paver and wall products gives us a custom look without needing to hire a designer and a mason to install it,” says Cummings.

Unilock’s U-Cara and many of their paver products are made with EnduraColor, which are manufactured with a base of coarse aggregates for a strong foundation and finer aggregates on the top layer with concentrated color and greater resistance to sun and rain.

“With other pavers, over time the large aggregates are exposed making the pavers look worn and faded,” says Willis. “The EnduraColor process will keep the pavers looking great for years because the top layer is much more wear resistant.”

Unilock’s products not only stand up to water and freezing temperatures, but many styles also have a built-in stain resistant sealant that will make clean-up easier, says Willis.

“The Unilock pavers are designed to withstand even Canadian winters, so we expect them to be durable for our house,” says Cummings.

By Michele Lerner


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Unilock - Customizable Outdoor Living Simplified With Unilock

Whether you’re a custom or production builder, you know that today’s buyers place almost equal…