No More Singing the Blues about Scratched Hardwood Floors


While hardwood floors are revered for their timeless beauty, some homeowners opt out because of the fear of water damage or that their pets will scratch the wood. Proprietary technology from AHF Products solves that dilemma. In fact, it’s why Albert Cummings, a professional blues musician and a fourth-generation custom homebuilder alongside his partner and wife Christina, picked Bruce Dogwood Densified Wood floors for their own custom home, dubbed “The House That Blues Built” and located in Massachusetts’s Berkshires Mountains.

“We wanted hardwood in our house, but we have dogs that can be hard on wood floors," says Albert. "We picked this 'Densified Wood technology' product from AHF because they have technology that takes real wood and uses heat to make it harder than regular wood so it's more durable. Our dogs won't be able to scratch it or dent it and we didn’t have to compromise on getting real wood.”

AHF’s technology relies on heat and pressure—there are no chemicals, fillers, plastic or additives, just 100% real hardwood. The floor offers waterproof protection against pet accidents, and the Cleantivity antimicrobial coating technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. 

“A lot of people think they can't have wood when they have dogs or if they're worried about water damage, but this wood is up to 4X more scratch resistant and 6X more dent resistant than typical hardwood,” Albert says. “We’re installing it in every room of the house except for the laundry room, mudroom and bathrooms.”

Low Maintenance Products Inspired by Nature

In areas of the house that are especially prone to water damage, the Cummings opted for Bruce LifeSeal Reserve, another new AHF product, which is 100% waterproof.

“We decided to put the Bruce LifeSeal Reserve flooring in the laundry room, mudroom and bathroom because it looks just like Travertine but it's way easier to clean and maintain," Albert says. "It's made with this thick rigid core, so it feels like stone, and it looks like it has grout even though it doesn't.”

The rigid core and layers within the flooring protect against dents and surface damage from the Cummings’ dogs, and the product is quick to install. Unlike flexible LVT, the rigid core doesn’t expand and contract, so it doesn’t require acclimation time. The construction of the product eliminates air pockets, making the product harder and protecting it from moisture. At the same time, an antimicrobial foam pad backing provides extra cushion and softness underfoot and offers acoustic performance.

While the LifeSeal Reserve flooring comes in designs that mimic wood, the natural looking marble and stone products attract customers looking for a stone surface who don’t want to think about cleaning grout, spills or stains. Every LifeSeal floor also includes Cleantivity, which is especially important in humid spaces such as the bathroom and laundry room or, at the Cummings’ house, the mudroom where the dogs are likely shake themselves off on rainy or snowy days.

By Michele Lerner

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