From Rock and Roll to the Blues: Drywall Trim for the House That Blues Built


There aren’t that many companies that can be considered cutting edge after more than 50 years in business, but then again, there aren’t that many people who successfully build custom homes and enjoy a thriving career as a professional musician. Albert Cummings, who released his tenth album in 2022, is a fourth-generation custom home builder with his wife Christina Cummings in Massachusetts. One of the couple’s current projects, dubbed “The House That Blues Built,” is their personal custom home in the Berkshires Mountains.

As every builder knows, numerous decisions big and small go must be made for a custom home, including the trim used for drywall. The Cummings picked Trim-Tex, a 54-year-old company known for its legacy of innovation and high performance. A few years ago, Trim-Tex revolutionized drywall trim with their Fast Edge® Paper product. Fast Edge Roll, introduced in March 2023, provides an even easier installation experience as it has no fixed length – each box contains 100 feet of the rolled bead.

“We picked Trim-Tex because their Fast Edge product is quick and easy to use, so it saves time during drywall installation," Albert says. "At the same time, the company has been around for over 50 years, and we know their product will hold up for the long haul.”

Innovation for Quicker Installation

Contractors who are already familiar with the Fast Edge® Paper product, which is made of laminated paper over a vinyl core, know that it offers quick installation for 90-degree corner beads.

“The Fast Edge Paper and the Fast Edge Roll have 'mud locks' that directly bond to the drywall compound so you don't need nails or glue," Albert says.

That means you get a fast installation, don’t need extra products and use the least amount of joint compound. As anyone in the building business knows, faster – as long as it’s with a quality product – saves money on labor costs.

The new Trim-Tex product, Fast Edge Roll, offers the same time-saving benefits of Fast Edge Paper in a convenient, flexible rolled form. Meanwhile, Trim-Tex’s patented mud locks, which are featured on the bead’s paper-covered vinyl core, provide the same bond strength and durability.

Sustainability and Durability

While sustainability has always been a core value for the Cummings, their new home is under construction in an area of Massachusetts that must meet Stretch Code standards, which require a higher level of energy efficiency than standard codes. The Stretch Code affects every aspect of the home, Albert says, including the need for tight building envelope, including drywall trim.

Since Trim-Tex vinyl corner beads are primarily made from recycled materials, that contributes to their desirability for the Cummings’ home. Trim-Tex estimates that 17 to 18 million pounds of plastic are kept out of landfills every year due to the company’s use of recycled materials. Trim-Tex recycles materials used in their operations, too.

An important part of sustainability is resilience and durability. The company’s vinyl corner beads won’t rust, which helps them last for the lifetime of any building.

"We expect them to last for the lifetime of our house,” Albert says.

Trim-Tex’s products benefit from new technology and the company’s legacy of highly durable solutions.

By Michele Lerner

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