Belwith Keeler

All design is cyclical…timeless designs are iconic. For close to 130 years Belwith Keeler has remained a leader and trend-setter across cabinet and furniture industries. Learn more at

  • Laurel

    The Bijou Collection is the culmination of years of archival designs from Belwith Keeler’s rich legacy, combined with new ideas. These pieces have been reimagined in exceptional, timeless finishes. This is not merely hardware - this is cabinet jewelry! The Laurel drop pendant has delicate and subtle features, but is strong on style. Pair it with the Astoria backplate for a more decidedly traditional look. Belwith Keeler makes installation easy with all essential mounting hardware included.

    Belwith Keeler
  • X Pull

    A blend of classic lines and modern elegance, the X Pull is a case study on how one element can lend a transforming look to any room, pushing design forward. When Belwith Keeler decided to manufacture the iconic X Pull, it was done in two pieces to obtain cleaner castings. The base of the pull has ‘spurs’, which keep the piece from rotating once affixed. These improvements allow the product to look and function better than the original. The X shape takes a classic, mid-century modern element and incorporates free-form, biomorphic shapes with an elegant aesthetic.

    Belwith Keeler
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